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Optical Coherence Tomography
Optical Coherence Tomography, A Clinical Atlas of Retinal Images is a richly illustrated collection of images and comprehensive guide to identifying anatomy and pathology of retinal disease as illustrated on OCT (Optical Coherence Tomography). Pertinent tips to acquiring quality images are outlined with both Spectral Domain and Time Domain for disease pathology, with multiple examples of common retinal disease images. Since the advent of OCT, the landscape of clinical ophthalmic and optometric practice has be

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It Could Happen...On The Bus
Alanna dreads riding the bus to school. Each morning she is the target of teasing and bullying from Cameron and his friends. Alanna is puzzled by the unwanted behavior, especially when she tries so hard not to be seen or heard.When other kids laugh and the bus driver doesn't notice their behavior, Alanna finally finds someone to confide in, her teacher, Mrs. Sterrett.Discover how Alanna finds out she is not alone and quickly learns the strategies of preventing bullies from bothering her again.  It COULD Happe

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Producing Winners: Your Pathway to the Crown
Producing Winners is the most comprehensive pageant guide in today’s market. Developed with the expertise of author and pageant expert Kyle Ean Haggerty, this book grasps the essential and fundamental details of precisely how to obtain one's pageant or competition dreams.  Haggerty, a twenty-year veteran and full service pageant coach, guides the reader through the entire process from budget to beauty making your pathway to the crown a reality. Discover the politics of competing, judging criteria and elements

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Friends For Keeps
When Ava Patterson arrives at her best friend Bella’s thirteenth birthday party, she is greeted by some not so friendly ‘new friends.’ Instantly, Bella’s new friends begin a series of bullying and cyber-bullying–with Ava as their victim.For Ava, becoming a teenager brought the rights to have a cell phone, joining social media sites and co-ed parties. Facing bullies was the furthest thing from her mind. Ava never thought it would happen to her and didn't know where to turn when she was excluded and ridiculed b

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Maine Driver’s License Suspensions, Revocations and Related Off.
“Maine Driver’s License Suspensions, Revocations and Related Offenses (non-OUI)” surveys the statutes, administrative rules and cases that bear on this area of Maine Law.   The complex interplay between court actions and actions of the Bureau of Motor Vehicles and their effects on a person’s driver’s license status are not always clearly anticipated or understood by those facing motor vehicle offenses, their attorneys, or the judges and justices who sentence them.   This book examines the various grounds for

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My Brother is a Preemie
Having an infant in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit is full of a flurry of emotions overshadowed by anxiety. An admission to the NICU is not anticipated and therefore can be a very trying experience. Explaining the hospitalization of the baby to the other children in your home can be challenging. The baby's siblings may be too young to understand, fearful of hospitals, or even upset that you are spending more time at the hospital than at home. This short book can serve as a light introduction to the NICU and

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