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It Could Happen...On The Bus
Alanna dreads riding the bus to school. Each morning she is the target of teasing and bullying from Cameron and his friends. Alanna is puzzled by the unwanted behavior, especially when she tries so hard not to be seen or heard.When other kids laugh and the bus driver doesn't notice their behavior, Alanna finally finds someone to confide in, her teacher, Mrs. Sterrett.Discover how Alanna finds out she is not alo...

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The Takeover
Libby Perman has trouble with teachers and teachers have trouble with Libby.† But this year will be different!† A promise to her mom offers hope for a new start. However, on the first day of school, Libby finds herself stuck in a classroom full of misfits and outcasts, or she thinks.Find out what happens when Libby and her classmates are challenged with the greatest question of their school career: what happens...

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