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Deb Landry is the author of the bestselling, award winner children's book,
Sticks Stones and Stumped and authored Yankee Go Home, The Snapdragon
Princess with Kim Parrish, and The Comfort Zone with Meline Kevorkian Ed.D.,
and Robin D'Antona, Ed.D.

As a parenting coach specializing in social awareness behaviors and
character education, she has authored several interactive children's
mentoring plays and articles on character education, social awareness, and
bullying prevention including The Crown CARES, a peer based anti-bullying
program for schools and colleges, utilized internationally for the Miss High School
and Collegiate Organization. She was part of the team that authored the
Maine State Best Practices in Bullying and Harassment Prevention Manual and
lobbied for the legislation in the State of Maine.

Deb is the co-founder, President/Chairman of the Board and former Executive
Director of Crossroads Youth Center, a 501 c3 nonprofit art based
scholarship program which publishes Breathe Magazine and the President/CEO
of Bryson Taylor Inc. a consulting firm and publishing company. She is the
Co-Director of the International High School and Collegiate Pageant that
promotes scholarship opportunities for young women throughout the US and

With recognition and several awards for her work including Collegiate
Director of the Year 2012, Deb has been interviewed and featured on NBC,
CBS, national radio, and several publications including The Phoenix, USA
Weekend Magazine, Raising Maine Magazine, Seventeen Magazine, Women's Day
Magazine, and Child Magazine. Some of her articles can be found at
http://www.breathemaine.org/articles.html Her books are available at Bryson Taylor 
Publishing, Amazon, Barnes and Noble or at any store where books are sold. 
To get more information, book an appearance or to contact Deb, contact her at

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