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Illustrator: Abraham R. Chuzzlewit
Illustrator: Abraham R. Chuzzlewit
Abraham R. Chuzzlewit is a relatively new author/illustrator on the children’s literature
scene. His stories tend to be filled with a dash of whimsy and a touch of charm, but
ultimately lend themselves over to the everyday (innocent) cliches accompanying every story
known to humankind. He was born in and wanders throughout the Northeast, practices a
grain-free lifestyle, and, other than writing, dabbles in poetry and music. He gave up his
former career as a cover model for a career in literature.
He occasionally barks.
He constantly torments his brothers, Ichabod and Ebenezer. He pays no attention to his
sister, Olivia, as he regards her as the boss.

Jos. A. Vitterito II MD
Jos. A. Vitterito II MD
Joseph A. Vitterito II MD is a Neonatologist and Pediatrician who resides in Maine. He
completed his medical training at Dartmouth Medical School and Brown University. He
practiced as a General Pediatrician for two years prior to becoming a Neonatologist.
Presently he is on the teaching staff at Maine Medical Center in Portland ME and Tufts
University School of Medicine in Boston. He also is Medical Director at the Rhode Island
School for the Deaf in Providence, RI.
He is active in many different scientific and creative areas. He is fluent in sign language
for the deaf and speaks fairly good conversational and medical Spanish, some Italian, and
some German. He has done some work for three years in a neonatal unit in Pristina,
Kosovo. His creative spirit is fulfilled by writing, painting, and recording music.

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My Brother is a Preemie

Having an infant in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit is full of a flurry of emotions overshadowed by anxiety. An admission to the NICU is not anticipated and therefore can be a very trying experience. Explaining the hospitalization of the baby to the other children in your home can be challenging. The baby's siblings may be too young to understand, fearful of hospitals, or even upset that you are spending more time at the hospital than at home. This short book can serve as a light introduction to the NICU and foster further discussion with your other children or young relatives. It is best read together, ideally before a visit to the NICU. In addition to visiting the hospital, establish some routines and alone time with your children at home to help ease the transition as your new baby grows and heals in the intensive care unit.

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ISBN: 978-0988294028
Published: 2012
Probably First Edition
First Published: 2012

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