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Friends For Keeps

When Ava Patterson arrives at her best friend Bella’s thirteenth birthday party, she is greeted by some not so friendly ‘new friends.’ Instantly, Bella’s new friends begin a series of bullying and cyber-bullying–with Ava as their victim.

For Ava, becoming a teenager brought the rights to have a cell phone, joining social media sites and co-ed parties. Facing bullies was the furthest thing from her mind. Ava never thought it would happen to her and didn't know where to turn when she was excluded and ridiculed by her peers.
Hurt and confused, Ava illustrates the range of emotions too much for just one young girl. She begins questioning her feelings and beliefs until she unexpectedly receives help from a new friend and learns to explore the confidence needed to make healthy decisions.

While courage and self-respect become valuable lessons for Ava, she is pleasantly surprised by experiencing what true friendship really means.

Friends for Keeps is based on a series of true experiences. 

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Condition: New
ISBN: 978-0-9882940-8-0
Published: 2013
Probably First Edition
First Published: 2013

Current Reviews: 2

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