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Bryson Taylor Publishing is always looking for outstanding authors and book ideas. We are interested in manuscripts from authors whose work would provide our readers with information necessary to help and assist personal growth and education in our stated genres.
Please read carefully, our guidelines will assist you in determining whether your manuscript fits into one of our subject areas, and will direct you through the process of submitting a book proposal. If your book does not fit within our guidelines, we are happy to direct you to one of our consultants to help you in pursuing publishing options.

Submission Guidelines
A great book proposal is made up of these four components:

  1. The overview. What is the book about? Include a two to three page summary, the foreword, preface, or endorsements for the book written by authorities or a person of interest like a celebrities. Include the title, page count and genre. If it is illustrated, submit a few pictures.
  2. The table of contents with a chapter-by-chapter outline; one paragraph summary of each section. Make a brief listing of topics that will be discussed in each chapter or summarize each chapter in a paragraph is essential. Do not send the entire book with the chapters or proposal. If we are considering your title, we will request additional chapters or the entire manuscript.
  3. The author(s)and illustrator’s biography include your credentials and why you are an expert in your field. We want to know why and how you are qualified to write this book. Include your CV or resume. Aside from that, tell us your personal experience about your book. An example: Sticks Stones and Stumped was written after the author worked for 6 months on an anti-bullying law and after her child suffered from depression after being bullied in school. Describe any experience you may have with public speaking in various genres like TV, Radio, writing for a newspaper or articles for a magazine and include if you have ever been published before. Add in all organizations you participate in, classes you have taught and personal activities.
  4. And finally, your promotional and marketing plan. With today’s economy it is difficult to get published or hire an agent that will be successful in selling your idea to a publishing company unless you are well known in your genre or have been published before. Discuss your experience and credibility as the author. Why should your book be written or published? Explain how your marketing technique will promote your book sales and how you will make the time to market your book. BTP is looking for authors that are motivated, positive and willing to market their produce. The author is the key person in selling a book, without commitment from you, the book will not sell.

What Happens Next?

  1. Send us your manuscript. We prefer and request a WORD document or PDF format for manuscripts and high res jpegs for illustrations. Handwritten manuscripts will not be review. As stated above, if we are interested in possibly publishing your manuscript, one of our representatives will contact you.
  2. Proposals that are not accepted for publication will not be returned or responded to unless they have a SASE is included in the packet. Proposals are preferred and will also be accepted via email.

Need help and advice on publishing your book?

Bryson Taylor Publishing offers a variety of freelance services

  • Manuscript evaluation and Editing Services
  • Illustrator services
  • Book cover and internal design
  • Graphic Design
  • Find the best printer for your book
  • Web design
  • Obtaining ISBN numbers, Library of Congress Control Numbers and Bar codes
  • Brochure or media kit development
  • Developing a newsletter